Who we are and what we do

Park Street Financial Services is an alternative finance company that was established to help fund the working capital needs for established and emerging companies in today’s business climate. It has become an increasingly common occurrence for buyers of services and products to set up slower payment schedules for invoices with vendors. Oftentimes they are set up at net 30, or net 60 days, and rarely at even net 90 days after the initial sale or receipt of goods have occurred. Such delays in payments create working capital needs that can make managing monthly cash-flow a more challenging task.

Traditional Financing Vs. Alternative Financing

There are many reasons why financing via a standard loan from a traditional financial institution is not an attractive option for many companies:

  • An emerging company might lack the track record required by a bank to even start the underwriting process.
  • A growing company might lack the necessary collateral, such as goods or real estate, in order to be approved for a bank loan.
  • An established company might not have the time to wait until the lengthy timeline for getting a bank loan processed and approved is concluded.

All of these reasons typically lead to delays in daily operations, and possibly losing new business because proper cash-flow was not available.

The solution to the predicament of slower paying clients, slower and more cumbersome lending of traditional banks and increasing opportunities to grow the business if working capital was available is an alternative financing approach focused purely on working capital.

We’re a solution for your working capital funding needs

Based on the considerable industry experience of our principals, we have created a set of working capital financing solutions for both established and emerging companies. Solutions include:

  • Invoice factoring (Accounts Receivable financing)
  • Working capital lines of credit
  • Purchase order financing

Traditional financial institutions base their decisions primarily on a borrower’s credit worthiness, whereas our underwriting process is more focused on the value of the collateral and the creditworthiness of the customer.